Tragedy : A Classic Tragedy

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Many movies or stories are fit into a specific category. For example, there is comedy, drama, romance, tragedy, and suspense. Each one of these genres have a significant meaning behind it. Most people watch the typical comedy or drama genre, but not too many people enjoy tragedy. This is because tragedy portrays an emotional feeling towards individuals. “Tragedy is a form of drama based on human suffering that invokes an accompanying catharsis or pleasure in audiences” (Wikipedia). Story lines with tragedy often makes the audience feel weary and sad. Who would want to see a movie that is just going to bring their mood down? There are also different forms of tragedy. A classic tragedy goes back into Ancient Greece. This type of tragedy is about a hero whose good fortune turns into bad fortune. A perfect example of a classic tragedy would be the film Troy. In order for a film to be a classic tragedy it has to have a few elements. The main character has to be a good person who makes mistakes due to their imperfections. A classic tragedy also involves people who are royal. Lastly, a classic tragedy has to have a dynamic character who undergoes personal growth throughout the film. The film Troy involves all of those elements so this is why it is a great example of a classic tragedy.
Moreover, the film is about a battle between Troy and Sparta. The whole conflict starts out when Paris has an affair with Helen. Paris is the son of the king of troy, and Helen is from Sparta.…
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