Tragic Character Of Hercules

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Despite Hercules’ mistakes, he maintains his heroic stature because of his unusual character. Unlike many Greek mythology personalities, Hercules holds himself accountable, has many unbelievable achievements, and is loyal to those around him. Due to his birth, Hera is constantly throwing obstacles in Hercules way. These obstacles and Hercules’ impulsiveness contribute to many of his mistakes, but he heavily atones for it. His overall character is one of the many reasons why the gods had mercy on him regardless of his crimes. In majority of Greek myths, characters often have no remorse or guilt after committing crimes. An example would be Daedalus, who pushed his nephew off a cliff over jealousy and felt wronged when others accused him of the heinous crime. On the other hand, Hercules feels the need to thoroughly punish and redeem himself after minor accidents. This quality is proved through this quote from Edith Hamilton’s Mythology, “He went willingly ready to do anything that could make him clean again” (231). After Hera made him mindlessly kill his family, the Oracle consulted him and said his cousin, Eurystheus, the King of Mycenae, would be able to thoroughly “purge” him. This resulted in the twelve labors that were supposed to “clean” him, by being near impossible and highly dangerous. There is no doubt that Hercules is the only person who would be able to accomplish this feat. His guilt and need to make amends show that Hercules stayed true to himself and did not let
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