Tragic Characters from Antigone

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Tragic Characters from Antigone The story of Antigone begins with the death of Oedipus. His sons Polyneices and Eteocles battled against each other for control of the city Thebes, which resulted in the death of both of them. Creon, brother of Iocasta and uncle of Oedipus, becomes the king. He declared an honorable burial for Eteocles, who fought for Thebes, and no burial for Polyneices since he fought against Thebes. Antigone tells Ismene, her sister of Polyneices’s fate, and that he deserves to be buried regardless if Ismene joins her. Antigone does bury her brother, going against her sister’s warning about Creon killing whoever touches Polyneices body. A Sentry tells Creon hat someone has done some burial cremations Polyneices, and Creon tells him to find the person who is responsible. A Sentry sees Antigone spreading dust over Polyneices’s body, allowing his body to take its place in Hades, and brings her to Creon. When Ismene found out Antigone was caught by Creon, she asks to share in Antigone’s guilt, but Antigone doesn’t allow her. Creon’s son Haimon tries to reason with his father saying he should be fair and restraint. Creon ignores his son and sends Antigone to the tomb. Teiresias, a blind prophet, also tries to warn Creon of the god’s anger towards him and that an unpleasant fate will happen. Again Creon ignores the warning and insults Teiresias. When Teiresias left, Creon tried to think of a time when he was wrong and he couldn’t. So Creon decided he would
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