Tragic Flaws Of Oedipus Rex

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Tragic Flaws of Oedipus Rex
The ancient Greek’s culture was greatly influence by their belief in in many gods. They believed that the gods would guide them and that everyone was destined to live out their fates. In the case of Oedipus Rex Fate drove him into a downfall. Oedipus Rex is a part of the great Sophoclean play, written by Sophocles. Sophocles’ write this story to portray a tragic hero, using character flaws to explain his downfall. Oedipus is a perfect tragic hero because his whirlwind of a life force the audience to admire him in the beginning of the story as a privilege young man and also pity him as he falls into a crushing downfall. Sophocles intentionally gave Oedipus certain flaws because he intended his downfall. His tragic flaws, pride, persistence, and ignorance lead to his fate.
Sight is a very important motif in this play. Oedipus is unable to see his fate clearly because he is blinded by his tragic flaws. Sophocles really drilled the motif of sight vs. blindness into the fabric of this play. The first sight of this motif is at the beginning of the play when the prophet Teiresias graces the stage. Teiresias is blind, but he can see Oedipus 's past, present, and future and the pain it will cause. Even though Oedipus 's eyes are fine, he is blinded to his fate because of pure ignorance. Oedipus’s ignorance on this key matter which is purely ironic because he was famous for his keen insight, after solving the riddle of the Sphinx. As a matter of fact
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