Tragic Hero, Antigone Or Okonkwo, And Why?

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Who is the truer tragic hero, Antigone or Okonkwo, and why? I believe that Antigone is more a true tragic hero than Okonkwo, because of three supporting reasons; Antigone is hit with the loss of both of her brothers, and has to face the dishonour of one brother versus the equal treatment of both, Okonkwo was exiled for killing his own adoptive son in an effort to not have any weaknesses, and Antigone actively protested and took action against Creon’s ruling, while Okonkwo committed suicide when his tribe strayed from their traditions and couldn’t handle being alone in his beliefs.

Antigone's tragedy was a story that is unbearable, and horrific when it is fully understood in the sense of the magnitude of all of the factors that came together to form a fragile, problematic situation. The joint murder of her brothers that was committed against each other, they turned against each other, driven by the lust for power and control. An opinion about how and why the conflict began, is that megalomania was an overwhelming aspect of the provocateur. Creon’s choice between honoring one brother and leaving the other to decompose shamefully with no honor at all. The way these enabling events led to the formation of a partially self-detrimental plan by Antigone, who was appalled that a decision such as that could've even been considered, much less imposed. For her to deal with the turn of events in such a quick succession can be seen as cruel and unbearable, which is one of the aspects

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