Tragic Hero in William Shakespeare´s Macbeth

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Shakespeare’s Macbeth portrays every element of a tragic hero through specific life events. Macbeth highlights himself as a fearless warrior with impressive achievements at war, leading to a new high class title. However, Shakespeare display of Macbeth, allows the audience to view his infatuation with a royal title. Macbeth’s negative characteristics embed themselves within his positive characteristics, therefore, successfully dragging him down to his own downfall. Macbeth’s alert nature allow him to come to moral conclusions, however, his need to fulfill a sinful prophecy overshadow his actions. Macbeth portrays a amiable characteristic of ambition and yet causes self destruction as he knows the clear difference between right and wrong, choosing the latter every time, allowing a lack of support from the audience and inner paranoia.
Although Shakespeare’s Macbeth embodies a characteristic worthy of admiration, he also embodies a tragic flaw, resulting in his own downfall. Macbeth possesses ambition, often a positive characteristic. Such ambition revolves around the battle as the King praises his bravery, referring to the soldier as “noble Macbeth,” (1.2.67). King Duncan highlights Macbeth’s impressive effects as Duncan awards him the title,“Thane of Cawdor” (1.2.63). This bravery at war attributes to another characteristic of a Tragic Hero, Macbeth, a man, is neither small nor worthless, rather Shakespeare ingrains him with a touch of greatness. Macbeth thinks “murder
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