Trail Obstacles

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The smell of oak and pine filled my nose, the sky was blue and all you can see was the mountains and trees. It was my cousin, grandpa, uncle, my uncle's friend, then my dad and I. We were in the High sierra Mountains in california. We did not expect the trail to be this difficult. We overcame obstacles that seemed impossible. Once we arrived to the campsite we stayed their for a few days.That hike made me realize what true success really feels like.

After a good night’s rest, we headed off to the trail. We had to take frequent breaks, because the air was super thin. The trail was rocky, uneven, and slippery. If I were to fall that would be very very bad. I thought it was easy, but then the impossible happened.

No one in the group thought it was part of the trail. The rain has washed out the trail. All was left was a one foot ledge. With our big boots it seemed impossible. We had to leap to the other side and we were about two hundred feet from
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The Ledge and slide looking thing were not as hard like the first time. Since we were familiar with the trail, all of it seemed normal to us. Even though the obstacles were behind us we still needed to stay focused. Now it was just a test of endurance. The last mile was the hardest mile out of the whole trip. My legs were sore, I had a headache, and I was very thirsty. However, when we saw the trail head we were filled with joy. Once we stepped of the trail we felt like we succeeded.

I will always remember the smell of the wood and the beautiful scenery. We were not expecting the trail to be washed out. The group overcame obstacles that seemed impossible.The trail head seemed like a safe haven. I have never felt like that after we got back. I felt like I succeeded and accomplished and proud. I would go on that trip again in a heartbeat. The trip taught me to work hard until the end, and if you work hard enough you will
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