Trail Of Tears Research Paper

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The Trail of Tears

In May of 1830 President Andrew Jackson passed the Indian Removal Act. This act was intended to expand the Americas into Indian territory and then relocate them west of the Mississippi. The “Five Civilized Tribes,” that included the Seminoles, Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creeks, and the Cherokees. All these tribes went voluntarily except for the Cherokee. The Seminole Indians originated in Florida, and after the Indian Removal Act was passed, their town was attacked and driven out into the nearby swaps, where they stayed for six years being hunted down. Throughout those years Seminoles were captured, imprisoned and taken to the new Indian Territory. Then in 1832 the Treaty of Payne’s Landing was signed which surrendered the remaining Seminole territory, but the treaty allowed the Seminole chiefs to inspect and approve the new land they would be settling on. As the chiefs toured the proposed site they did not approve due to the Creek Indian’s being located directly next to their site. After the chiefs disapproved of the land, the government proceeded to force the chiefs to sign the Treaty of Fort Gibson which forced the Indians to settle on these lands. Still after the sign of this treaty they refused to leave their lands which resulted in the Second Great Seminole War. The American government sent 10,000 soldiers to rage war on the Seminoles and win gaining around 250 prisoners and transporting them to the new Indian Territory. Finally, in 1859 some 27
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