Trail Of Teeth Experiment

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Scientists have found that monkeys such as apes and other monkey ancestors have teeth that can determine how old they are because they have been genetically removed because of evolution. The teeth are only inherited so some monkeys don’t even that the trait to have to teeth and others have the trait so they of course have the teeth. This can show how the monkeys and apes survive in different environments if you find more monkeys with the teeth on one island but not on the other it is most likely possible that those monkeys live better in that island than the other monkeys do. The studies show that monkeys took over the apes at one point and then somehow came back scientist think that all the apes went into hiding and the other monkeys never found them. Now the apes are in a safe place for reproducing so they reproduced until they had enough to fight off the monkeys.…show more content…
Unfortunately mice have the same genes in their teeth as mice and can make it very hard to study where the tooth came from because all of the genes are similar. But they are very good test subjects because the are very easy to observe. Instead of using all of the teeth in the mouth they just used the back molar as their test subject on many different types of animals that made studying way easier. Studies show that about 2 million years ago that apes varied tremendously and were able to be seen a two totally different animals which can be a little tricky especially when you are trying to study the. Although monkeys began to evolve way before that ans was shown that monkeys had similar traits that the apes did which was puzzling to the scientists because they had seemed so different in the past. To wrap this up the monkeys and apes have many different traits and many of them have the same evolution but different times of them
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