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The course started out with a good inclined mountain trail run/climb and after some time came the first obstacle, which was a climb/jump over four foot hay bales. Just after the first hay bales was net crawl, which I always dread as my hydration pack never fails to get caught up several times in these nets. Just after the net was another hay bale to jump/climb over and then the course continued on up the mountain and in the direct sun light. The trail run continued on for a decent distance and eventually made its way to about a four foot log obstacle to climb/hop over. Only a short trail distance after the course went underneath the Cargo Net climb obstacle (we would see later in the course) and then made its way a short distance later to the…show more content…
The crawl started in very dirty, but low muddy water and then made its way to a thick mud that was on top of some larger and smaller rocks so racers really had to pay attention while crawling or they could easily smash/bruise both their legs and arms. A very short distance later was the next obstacle “Dip Walk”, which was parallel bars that were also used at the Montreal Sprint, but the decision to place this obstacle just after the mud crawl changed the dynamic of this obstacle big time. I have been able to complete this obstacle back in Montreal on all my laps with no problems, but this time the massive amount of mud being covered on the bars made for a much harder obstacle and on my first lap, I under estimated the mud and slipped off the bars. The volunteer immediately barked at me that I failed the obstacle and that I needed to do the penalty. I argued I under estimated the mud and how slippery the obstacle was and wanted to try again without gloves on, but the volunteer wasn’t having any of that and said do the burpees! I reluctantly (probably pouting) listened to the volunteer and did the darn burpees, but I made sure to not make that mistake again the rest of the weekend! The next obstacle was literally only a few hundred feet away and was an eight foot wall climb; I enjoyed this challenge all weekend and was able to make it over the wall on all laps without assistance. I also was able to help a lot of other racers throughout the weekend with getting up and over this wall, which always boosts my morale! Again, only a few hundred feet away was the next obstacle which was a tire flip of a larger tire that had to be flipped twice one way and then twice back. This was a
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