Trail of Tears: the Removal of the Cherokee Nation

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The old Cherokee nation was a large thriving tribe located in northern Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee, which was a region known as Appalachia. Because of greedy landowners wanting more money, land for themselves and land for their crops, this forced the Cherokees out of their land and into another region. The government, specifically Andrew Jackson, wanted the land because it was land that he “needed”. He needed this land because he felt it would increase the white population and give him more wealth and power. He enforced a removal of the Cherokee nation and all natives in the south. This removal would later be known as “The Trail of Tears.” The Cherokee were a civilized tribe of natives, more civilized than most native…show more content…
Ross tried his hardest to fight against the government through the court. Finally, after realizing it could not be halted, he stepped in and took charge of the removal. John Ross and the rest of the Cherokees finished the removal process on their own. Before the Cherokees were actually moved out west, they were put into groups at different camps. At these internment camps, the conditions were not good and some Cherokees died before making the long journey out west. Putting them into groups was easier for the government so they could round them up faster and hasten the removal process. They had been divided into sixteen groups of around one-thousand each. The actual route that they traveled was named “The Trail of Tears”, for it had been the trail where they had cried. Because of the harsh conditions faced on the long journey to the west, around four-thousand died. After a harsh outbreak of smallpox, they were not able to go into certain towns because of the fear of spreading the disease. Disease, famine, and prolonged exposure to the harsh elements were the main reason why they died along the way. The cold weather was brutal and a lot of times they had a hard time crossing the rivers because they were frozen and had chunks of ice floating in them. There was a land route and a water route to get to the west. (See Fig. 1). After settling in Oklahoma, they started rebuilding their lives again. They named their capital
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