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Easily Train Your Dog to Sit in Three Days
By Steve Weber
Jan 13, 2012
Training your dog to do various activities is an important way to improve his or her overall behavior. The real benefit of training your dog to do tricks isn't that you can show him or her off to your friends and family. The benefit lies in the fact that the training process, and the act of performing the trick later on, calms the dog's mind and develops a more stable and likable personality.

One of the first things that dog owners think about when considering training their pet to do tricks is teaching him or her to sit. Also, this is one of the simplest commands for a dog to learn. Please note that for older canines, dog arthritis may be an issue and they perhaps cannot sit as easily as they used to.

For this and all tricks, food will be used as the primary reinforcement. Food is an extremely important part of every dog's life. Secondly, praise will be used along with physical petting and affection.

First off, shop for small dog treats that are easy to carry and your dog likes. Use treats that do not crumble easily and can safely be carried in a coat pocket. And of course, determine that your dog really enjoys and appreciates these treats.
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Have several of the treats in your hand as you walk with your dog. If he hasn't learned the benefits of sitting, he will probably stand looking up at you and know when you have the treat in your hand. Do not offer him a treat at this point. If he's not aware you have the treats in your hand you may allow him to smell them. Now then, say "sit" one time in a very firm tone. Of course your dog won't know what you're talking about at this time, so give him a couple of seconds and then say the word again while simultaneously reaching down and pushing firmly on his

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