Training Activities Tools And Techniques Of Training

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1 TITLE "Investigation on training activities tools & techniques of training and development in textile industries of Karachi" 2 GAP ANALYSIS As we know that the there are many major industries, mills, textiles, and other different type of cooperative organizations financially and economically established in Pakistan , having thousands of employee working over there, but if they want to hire a new or a fresh employee which had recently completed his education, or a fresher and to join a new firm then the organization will hire them as a trainee, these trainees are here to learn and organization polish these employees and train them according to their need. They perform different type of activities in their training period and step up to learn accordingly their performances. 3 Research Question • Is there is an issue with those organizations that they are not financially established so they can afford or accommodate and facilitate such type of training activities within their premises? • Is there is some policy that may not grant them to perform such type of activities in their organizations? • To investigate that training strategy has any effect on staff efficiency performance industrial development in Pakistan? • To determine whether the employees are being provided with suitable training while acquiring and flexibly time job? • To find that the staff is required further training for their more development? 4 Purpose of the Research The purpose of study to investigate
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