Training And Assist ( T & A ) Visit

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Subj: TRAINING AND ASSIST (T&A) VISIT - Prior Service Recruiting Station 1

1. Purpose: T&A requested by Prior Service Recruiting Station
(PSRS) 1’s OIC, Maj Larson. The pre-established objective was to review the overall daily SOP of the operation section, assist in identifying/establishing the Recruiter Instructor’s role in the PSRS overall training and aid in establishing fruitful Command Group-to-subordinate relationships.

2. Location: Garden City, New York

3. Participants: Observation and training provided by MGySgt Jones.

4. Observations/training and assistance (Recruiter Instructor): Briefly went over best practice in regards the SNCOIC OJOT checklist. MSgt Hernandez departed the schoolhouse merely months ago and has an
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Operational daily, weekly and monthly matters to include MCRISS-PSR and CGAP matrix was observed and training and assistance provided IOT make the command group more effective.


- There were moments of dead time during the in-briefs which is an indicator that additional preparation needs to be implemented, to include; structured briefing guide/sheet for each Staff Noncommissioned Officer to complete prior to the brief and utilize during the brief up until the point each member is comfortable with a fruitful flow. Recommended the Operation section should verify prospecting numbers in MCRISS-PSR prior to briefs. Objectives, categories, and other topics for the day for the PSRS should be formulated prior to conducting the in-brief.

- SNCOIC’s were made aware by the Operation Chief that they need to identify the total number of prospecting days for their PSRSS Monday – Friday, leaving Saturday open as a “directed prospecting” day for recruiters if they find themselves behind any of their prospecting activity goals or as a day to conduct additional prospecting activities directed by the Command Group when in danger of falling short of a phase-line. Positive gain; recruiters may now plan for weekend events with their family by staying ahead
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