Training And Development Efforts Help Employees

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By focusing on training and development efforts help employees to think, act and behave in the proper way. HR can impact the culture. Training programs can be intentionally planned to help employees show and present the behaviors coveted by the corporate culture. Also, those who are flourishing and booming in the corporate ladder, within a culture should be given additional development opportunities so that they can assume positions of greater responsibility. By advance growing and establishing the company to promote those that support the corporate culture, HR again is again having an impact. Also, organizational systems that promote changes and evolution in employee development as part of their corporate culture should ensure that enough resources are apportioned to HR 's training and development budget. The allocation of scarce resources is another sign that an employees look for when determining if an organization is serious about creating the culture they espouse. Presumably, if we had a detailed knowledge of what most employees are looking for in an employer, we could design and build organizations in ways that made them more attractive to the majority of potential employees. This would certainly make recruiting much less difficult. Unfortunately, this is the real world, there has been little work examining universal attractants of the applicants on which to base this type of approach. Employee attraction is extraordinarily complex, and what might be
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