Training And Development For Employees

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Training and development are activities organizations use to increase the performance of its employees. Organizations use new techniques and knowledge to improve the attitudes, skills, and techniques of the employees in order to improve daily responsibilities. Training and development are essential to every field in the business industry. Training and development are required to be successful in the business environment. Employees are able to keep up with trends and technology as they change. Training and development has positive effects that impact the success of organizations. Employees adapt to new technologies, employee morale and motivation is increased, productivity and efficiency is increased, and decreases liability. New technologies are adopted through training and development. Computer based training offers interactive online training. It is convenient and very effective. Employees are able to access the training whenever they want and wherever they are with online access. Employees can train at their own pace and can repeat the training as many times as they need to. Employees must have self-discipline and be able to learn without direct human interaction to benefit from this type of training. Employees who need human interaction while training may benefit from computer based training via a telephone conference setting. They are able to have human interaction with the computer based training. This is the type of training I had this month. The company I work for is
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