Training And Development Of An Effective Program Essay

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Executive Summary Research Project gives student an opportunity to gain some practical knowledge in their theoretical subjects. I have gone through various magazines journals and websites to get the accurate knowledge on my chosen topic. Objectives of the project  Most organizations have a performance appraisal (PA) program that has evolved over time and is likely not meeting the needs of employees and managers.  Many competing PA theories and practices exist making development of an effective program difficult. However, done well, a strong PA program reinforces organizational culture and helps employees achieve high levels of performance.  An effective PA program can improve key business measures such as Return on Assets, Return on Equity, profit margins and earnings.  Every strong PA program has three elements: performance tracking, informal feedback, and formal appraisal.  To diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals so as to identify the training and development needs of the future.  To provide feedback to the employees regarding their past performance. Acknowledgement Completing a task is never a solo effort. There are invaluable contributions by a number of individuals directly or indirectly. It is for the same that I take immense pleasure in expressing my gratitude to the people who helped me in my project. The project was a joyous learning process. The presentation of the report in the way required has been made possible by the way of
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