Training And Development Of Brazil

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Brazil- Training & Development

Training in the workplace is very different in Brazil compared to America. For instance, according to Xpert international manual workplace training is predominantly voluntary, with no general statutory obligation on employers to provide or finance training for their employees. In fact training in Brazil is often time non-existent. Many employers in Brazil do not place any resources, money, or time into training their employees. According to the Monthly Employment Survey conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, 34% of employees have received skilled training.

Brazil’s Training Concept

Companies in Brazil have some sort of an obligation to train their employees because Brazil 's education system is failing therefore their workforce base has less skilled workers than other countries. Studies have even shown that workers in Latin American countries like Brazil have less education than those in East Asia and Eastern Europe. The percentage of students enrolled in high school is far lower than in developed countries. In some correlation a lack of an educated workforce has also lead to a workforce lead by un-trained employees.In Brazil there are a lot of people who work without any kind of training. Many employees who are trained learn from their fathers, uncles, and other family members and they do things the way that they did before. Over the course of a universal standpoint in Brazil there is no formal training. In
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