Training And Development Small Businesses

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Assignment 1: Training and Development Small Businesses 1

Assignment 1: Training and Development in Small Businesses
Darlissa S. Robinson Strayer University

BUS 407: Training and Development
Professor Kelly Thornton
January 30, 2016

Assignment 1: Training and Development Small Businesses 2
As a Salon owner I have been asked to come to Creative Styles Salon which is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia to provide a consultation and training and also to create a comprehensive training proposal for the Salon. As you can see a small business such as a hair stylist/salon can use social media and digital marketing to increase brand awareness and grow a loyal following by creating, curating, and sharing content as well as engaging in meaningful conversation with their audience which in turn can lead to future growth and sales. The power of networking has long been known by business and now it is time to apply that same thinking in the digital space in order for small business to compete against larger outlet stores. When used properly digital marketing and social media can be a great equalizer and while not free as time is needed to not only apply the methodology but needed for learning and tools may need to be purchased the alternative is to do nothing in hopes that digital fades away but more than likely a brand failing to use digital techniques will most likely disappear. A business needs to think of their digital
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