Training At The Allied Health Care College Essay

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The employees of the Allied Health Care College, especially those that work directly with blood and other body fluids undergo Blood borne Pathogens Training every year. The company provides in site training and off site training. The purpose of this presentation is to ensure the safety and security of those employees attending the offsite training.
Effective training methods will help participants develop foundational skills required in their field.
Training ensure participants to:
Practice safety procedures.
• Practice legally required or accepted protocols.
• Perform a task faster through repetition.
Training designers must ensure the creation of customized training sessions that fit the organization needs and goals. Company management must be consulted to make sure the training design satisfies the desire outcome taking into consideration training and employees characteristics.
The offsite training facility is a Training Center with 5 employees, equipped with all the tools and devices to ensure the proper training experience. The Primary Trainer and 10 trainees are assisting to the offsite facility. The trainees are those instructors in charge of teaching laboratory classes where the students and employees must handled blood, other body fluids, and contaminated equipment.The transportation method is a modern bus owned by the company.
Training Goals:
• Participants must be able to follow Universal Precaution when handling body fluids.
• Trainees must master the
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