Training Base And As A Relief Centre For Natural Disasters

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This report evaluates the options available for the three waters servicing of the redevelopment of the key facilities at Burnham Military Camp (NZS_BHM). Despite NZS_BHM being long neglected, it will now be redeveloped as New Zealand’s major military training base and as a relief centre for natural disasters. This means the in camp population is going to increase from 1500 to 3000 by 2030, placing more demand on the camps already deteriorating infrastructure (NZDF, personal communication).
Due to Burnham becoming New Zealand’s major military training base it is required to remain fully operational in the face of any natural hazards. Therefore the redevelopment must be both resilient in the face of natural disasters and sustainable. This brings many constraints and engineering challenges to the project when considering the redevelopment of the water supply, wastewater management and stormwater drainage at NZS_BHM.
This report identifies the possible options NZDF has to redevelop and improve its current water, wastewater and stormwater systems. The issues with each option will be identified as well as the regulatory requirements that the NZDF will need to adhere to during the redevelopment.
1.2 Legislation and Jurisdiction
The Resource Management Act (RMA) is the governing statute that controls all new land development, including water supply, stormwater drainage, and wastewater disposal, all new developments must meet RMA requirements. The redevelopment must also meet the…

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