Training Day: Management Analysis

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Michael Rounsavall 1/9/08 Management 202 Training Day: Movie Analysis The movie Training Day starring Denzel Washington,proved to show many interesting outlooks of managing activities and skills that I have never even came close to noticing before. Alonzo Harris played by Denzel in the movie expressed many forms of management throughout this movie. He displayed different basic management functions, fundamental management skills, parts of the evolution of management, and also some other key management terms. Jake Hoyt, who Alonzo is supposed to give in an evaluation on, also shows many different forms of management throughout this movie. The first thing I noticed during this movie was the basic management functions that Alonzo…show more content…
After this Jake was able to take down Alonzo until they were outside, and Alonzo had all of his administration together. Alonzo ran a form of administrative management throughout the projects, where he organized, lead, and controlled what went on, and how the operations were going to take place (Griffin, 15). As Alonzo’s organization realized how corrupt he really was, just like many higher level managers are accused of, they stopped letting Alonzo control them, and allowed Jake to take Alonzo’s stolen money for evidence. Jake definitely was not interested in the human ethics movement whereas that workers respond social context of the workplace(Griffin, 15). Jake did a good job proving that he was very ethical throughout this movie, and proved he was ready to move up to a higher position. Even though Alonzo did a good job displaying management skills, he was very corrupt, and was cheating his way through the system. This movie showed how people could control an administration, but be shut down for doing things the non-ethical way. Jake fought through this corrupt system, and showed great fundamental managementskills throughout this entire film. I never realized how much this film actually showed related to the world of management until I
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