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Method of development The method of development is divided in to 3 target areas: 1. Individual 2. Group 3. Organizational Individual methods/techniques: To develop individual’s skill to set and accomplish goals, goal setting technique is used. Behavioral amendment is the use of person erudition in the course of strengthening. All methods can be used to develop a person’s skill to accomplish his or company’s desired goals. Goal setting: Goal is a set of deed which a person attempts to achieve. For example, attempt is to increase selling with high customer’s contentment with service and to reduce non-attendance by 5% are aim of individuals. While 1968, Locke open that to consider a classic paper, so that there has been increasing attention…show more content…
Till today by setting goals in right direction, it is very important and powerful method of encouraging employees. It can increase the performance level, if it is used in correct manner in right direction and checked it properly and regularly by managers. Organizational Behavior modification: OBM refers to the implement of desirable behavior in organization and to prevent unwanted behavior in organization. This approach is very useful in organization in developing a good culture. Modified behavior is important element in organization. Behavior is influenced by many factors. Implementation is basic part of learning. Generally, inspiration is internal cause of behavior and implementation is external. Positive reinforcement way increases the level of power of reply and encourages the recurrence of performance. Therefore, implementation is important in OBM. Negative strengthening means to remove the negative strength of a response instantly after it happens. It refers to the removal of negative and bad behavior immediately after its response to increase the performance level. Punishment is a bad result of a fastidious behavior response. For example, a professor deduct 1 marks of absent per day is punishment. Whenever punishment is given it deliver a message of not doing work properly. There is some controversial on
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