Training & Development

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Method of development
The method of development is divided in to 3 target areas:
1. Individual
2. Group
3. Organizational
Individual methods/techniques:
To develop individual’s skill to set and accomplish goals, goal setting technique is used. Behavioral amendment is the use of person erudition in the course of strengthening. All methods can be used to develop a person’s skill to accomplish his or company’s desired goals.
Goal setting:
Goal is a set of deed which a person attempts to achieve. For example, attempt is to increase selling with high customer’s contentment with service and to reduce non-attendance by 5% are aim of individuals. While 1968, Locke open that to consider a classic paper, so that there has been increasing
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Dedication/ Commitment are the degree of effort utilized to accomplish the desired goals.
The main steps of developing goals are (1) analysis (2) to develop the worker and employees for achievement of goals by creating actions plan, communication, instruction and dealings between them (3) giving great importance to organizational goals that are recognized by managers and subordinates (4) and make a review of established goals (5) and gave conclusion about the goal and evaluate the setting, revision and achieving of goals. If to make goal setting an effective method, these steps should be examined and put into practice carefully. Training and development unnoticed in many practices of goal setting, thinking they are not necessary.
Research on goal setting:
Locke’s original paper about goal setting adds a lot towards research field. Another factor which emphasis on research is the demand of manager for unique and practical method so they can use in their business. The best technique used by authors is of meta-analytic study which measures the effect of goal setting on work performance. In research specific goal lead to higher result than “Do your Best” goals. Employees expert in their field give better performance if they having specific goals rather than vague goals. A wide range of expert study hold up that specific goal assigned to a person give
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