Training Development Plan of Coca-Cola

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Training Development Plan of Coca-Cola Table of Contents Work Life Balance 3 Assessment of the Training Needs 3 Statement of the Training Objectives 3 Method of Training 4 Evaluation of the Training Program 4 Objectives and Expected Outcomes of the Training Program 4 Program's Success 5 Expected Behavioral Changes 5 Changes in Level of Performance Output 5 Reinforcements 5 Bibliography 6 Hundred years ago economist looked into a technological future with better automation as a source of comfort for individuals. It was thought that gradually employees would be free of oppression of work load. But from the past two decades, it has been evident that technology has further enchained the employees. The reason responsible for this outcome is instantaneous requirements of today's business world (Gómez-Mejía, Balkin, & Cardy, 2010). With this changing trend work-life balance of individuals is greatly affected and learning effective time management skills have become immensely important for the growth and progress of an organization. Work Life Balance Work-life balance is about efficiently handling between paid work and other activities that are significant to an individual. Coca-Cola Company has always been working on work life balance training programs. The company believes in a healthy and efficient work life balance to ensure reality for its associates ( Kelly J. , 2012). Assessment of the Training Needs Several factors can be listed that can
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