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Training and Development in Designing Human Resource Programs
Webster University
April 5 2015
Dr. Marty Davis
Capstone 6000
Leadership and Management

Training and Development enhances the organizations structure and has different approaches to learning and development skill which is an important, strategies that reflects the approach of strong employee and potential candidates’ growth within an organization. Everyone is different and learns in a different manner. Organizations want to invest in top candidates who retain information in order to offer advancement opportunities.

Human Resources professionals are responsible for ensuring that an organizations training and development efforts are maximized to meet organizational needs and goals. The first step in this process is to perform a needs analysis. The needs analysis is broken down into two levels; Organizational and individual then, the delivery method is chosen. Discuss the benefits of training and development along with the commitment and training incentives to explain the Andragogy style that most have adapted to learn.

This paper will discuss the difference between learning and development and the importance of needs assessments for organization, on-the-job training and technology resources in learning environments. In order for an organization to be successful and have successful they should adapt to learning and how it is
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