Training Employees On Hazardous Materials. Hazardous Materials

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Training Employees on Hazardous Materials Hazardous materials are a very important part of our environment and workplace. They can cause environmental issues or they could even cause hurt to humans and animals. However, HAZMAT is needed for production in some workplaces. There are many businesses that do not train their employees properly or not at all on hazardous materials. Anyone transferring, using, touching, or working with hazardous materials should be trained so they know what to do in case of a serious incident. Not even that, it is just important to know what kind of hazardous material they are transporting. There are a lot of safety incidents in workplaces that are mainly caused by improper training or not having training at…show more content…
p.). There were 14 employees who did not have any training on HAZMAT. There is also another incident that states a company failed to properly train their employees on how to properly package and label HAZMAT product which caused acceptance of cargo on an airplane that should have not been accepted. These are just a couple of incidents that discussed in this press release. If those employees would have been trained, there may not have been a safety incident that caused fines to these companies. The worst part is, is the employees had no idea what to do in any of these incidents. They could have been hurt or even caused harm against others and it would not have necessarily been their fault. One way to reduce these incidents is risk management. Risk management is a program to reduce risks in a business in any way possible by forecasting and evaluating. According to the US Department of Transportation, the Hazardous Materials Safety Program is, “designed to reduce the probability and quantity of hazardous material released and mitigate release consequences” (DOT, 1998, p. 4). This program gives guidelines as well as consequences. It gives ideas for future and how to plan for an incident. This guideline also gives ideas of developing the risks and how safe can you be and is there any other plans to use to become safer. It is always a good idea to be as safe as possible and you can never be safe enough.
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