Training Employees in HSBC Bank in Malaysia: Learning Intervention

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This report will examine a training program undertaken by a bank called HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad. The report will focus on the training provided to new employees for the new branches. Further, the report will critically evaluate the training cycle of learning intervention at [HSBC]. Additionally, it will provide several recommendations to improve the intervention. This is my personal experience as a personal banker of HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad.
HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad training program was designed to operate for 2 months. The first month involved 8 hours classroom sessions involved 30 employees about activities at branches, products knowledge, sales, systems training, compliance, legal and regulations as a banker. Within the 1 month period, all the employees required to complete around 60 modules (products, systems, compliances) of e-learning and pass all the tests in the modules. Trainers were all required to have at least 10 years experience working in branch. After one month, stage two initiates, this phase involve employees were assigned to the mentoring program in pioneer branches. We were paired to senior staff with the same position for a period of one-on-one tutelage in how to carry out the desired work. We were required to observe and learned from thems for 3 weeks in the real job environment. Besides observing all duties, we also gained “hands on” experience with progressively more responsibility being given during the attachment, while receiving constant…