Training For A Career As A Childcare Director

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UMUC offers numerous courses in Psychology so as to provide students with the knowledge that they will need in order to be successful in their future careers. The curriculum offered ensures that students acquire a knowledge base of theory, research, and practice in psychological sciences. Although some of the courses offered are required in order to obtain an undergraduate degree in Psychology, many are available to choose from that meet the interests and needs of each student as well. Upon graduation I plan to search for a job as a Childcare Director. Fortunately, the classes in psychology that I have completed have given me the knowledge and critical thinking skills that I need to be successful as well as given me a deeper understanding of how children develop and learn. The psychology courses that I have taken are:
PSYC100-Introduction to Psychology provided me with a very broad comprehensive introduction to the basic principles and research concepts in the field of psychology. Some of the highlights of this class included information about the brain and nervous system structure and function, learning and memory, language, intelligence, psychological disorders and therapies, personality, and social behavior. This class also introduced some of the various career fields that a degree in psychology allows people to go into such teaching, conducting research, providing therapy, and working as a consultant in business and industry. This class helped me to determine whether or

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