Training For A Training Program

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A training program can be used to effectively improve the ability of an interviewer to conduct more accurate interviews with job candidates. To attain this accuracy, it is important to base a training program on well researched and empirical data. In developing a possible program for training interviewers, it will be necessary to discuss some of the elements that can be used for a training program. Additionally, training programs will need to be comprised of key components and a solid process to ensure the program is effective. However, a training program is only as successful as the results it produces. Therefore, the last section will explore ways to evaluate the effectiveness of a training program. Training Program Elements and…show more content…
Each of these elements play an important role in the overall training process and will serve to assist interviewers in achieving more consistent ratings. Training is important because interviewers gain very little useful information from their day-to-day interviewing experiences (Cascio & Aguinis, 2011). Minimal gains from going through multiple interviews makes sense, since interviewers would have nothing to compare their interviewing experiences to, or have any consistent method to learn more effective ways of conducting interviews and assigning ratings. Furthermore, training is necessary for interviewers to improve their skills, rather than perpetuate poor ones, and is best when experience combines with high levels of cognitive complexity (Cascio & Aguinis, 2011). Therefore, it is critical for an interviewer training program to have elements like learning and analysis, which adds cognitive complexity by providing a base of information and clear examples for participants to observe. Overall, experience alone will not suffice in allowing improvements to occur for an interviewer, and training is necessary to improve decision making and accuracy during interviews. Key Components As mentioned previously, a key component when conducting a training program is to clearly define the purpose of the training. The role of interviewers is to accurately rate their perceptions of an applicant and evaluate those perceptions in relation to job requirements, as outlined by a job
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