Training Importance : Ewing Landscape And Irrigation Supply And The Reason For Its Development

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Training Importance: Ewing Landscape & Irrigation If an organization is to be successful, the training of employees is an integral component. Human resources are the life blood of the organization, and if those employees do not understand the company’s goals and objectives or are not trained in how to accomplish those goals and objectives, it is impossible for that life blood to flow and keep the heart of the organization beating and alive. Pagan-Rodriguez (2015) stated tangible evidence exists supporting the fact that employees who feel a strong sense of satisfaction and belonging, when it comes to the performance of his/her job or occupation, are more likely to remain with the organization that invests in meaningful training that…show more content…
Because of this Ewing has developed a series of training modules online, which are designed to help its employees become “sales professionals”, thus the program is known within the organization as “SP Training”. These modules are constructed of numerous PowerPoint presentations that start at the very basic topics, such as proper lifting technique, defensive driving, and sales order entry all the way up to advanced topics, such as how to utilize the companies marketing database to create lists of customers based on sales criteria, and use that information to invite those customers to events at various branches. There are five “SP” modules and numerous product specific modules that provide the motivated employee with an abundance of information. Ewing’s “SP” Program Misses The Mark PowerPoint is a powerful tool that can provide enormous amounts of information either through individual research, or in sessions or conferences where presenters provide insight on subject matter utilizing PowerPoint as an outline the audience can follow during the presentation. While this media can be an effective means of training, there must be more than simply 50 to 100 slides outlining a certain subject in order to keep the student motivated and engaged. Colorado State University-Global Campus (2015) stated there are five factors that must be present that must be present in order to have an effective training program that brings a suitable return to the organization on the money

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