Training Is A For A New Position

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Training is something that every company is familiar with, which usually takes place when an employee joins the organization. Some companies tend to have more extensive training while others lack depth due to a lack of skills in the realm of training. Either way, training is not uncommon to have with an organization. In the case study, Jim had applied for a new position in his company as a backhoe/front-end-loader. Even though Jim has never operated a back hoe before he applied for the position and much to his surprise landed the job. On Jim’s first day, his training consisted of learning how to check the hydraulic fluid and was told that the machines are fool proof. Although that may be the case, Jim still was lacking with how to…show more content…
Although Jim would have a valid reason for his lack of skills due to no training, it still wouldn’t fix the situation. It is difficult to guess why the company provided so little training to Jim. It is a possibility that the experience other crew members have had with a backhoe that they believed it would be just as easy for Jim and that he would pick up on it quickly. It is also possible that the company is used to hiring people with experience on the different types of heavy machinery and have never had a demand for in-depth training. It is unclear as to why Jim’s company decided to hire him with his lack of experience. The fact that Jim did not know how to even turn on the machine should have been a red flag for the hiring committee. This is unacceptable by any company. It is even more unacceptable when heavy machinery is involved and someone could potentially be injured or hurt. Jim took matters into his own hand and decided to dig the best way he thought was possible. Although it is admirable that he used his critical thinking skills, it cost the company more money to fix the problems that he was continually causing by digging too deep and breaking the water lines along with gas lines. Thankfully Jim decided to go out of his way and seek advice from an expert. It did not cure Jim’s poor digging skills but it did enlighten him and gave him new skills and techniques to focus on. Even with that being said Jim realized really quick that he was not cut out
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