Training Is The Most Important Element Of An Organization

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Training is the most important element of an organization; proper training lays the foundation for the functions of an organization and like a wheel that needs grease to rotate, training is the tool that allows employees to function within an organization. A successful organization will promote training because employees are an investment. This paper will focus on a past organization where proper training was non-existent and the trouble that came along with it.

A Company without a Training Program
In 2005, I worked for a bakery that distributed baked goods to airlines, grocery stores and big named pastry companies. When I first started, I was taking on the position of someone who was recently fired. I had never worked for the food industry and had no prior experience; however, the company liked my military background and believed I was a good fit. One of the owners’ believed that he could take me under his wing and teach me about the industry. My first task was to hire a customer service representative who could process orders and bill customers. The previous customer service representative quit after years of issues she encountered at the bakery; she was the only person who knew how to operate the software used for billing and processing orders. There wasn’t a manual and she wasn’t returning phone calls. “Retiring staff are taking with them the knowledge they have acquired over the years, often leaving less experienced employees to provide services” (Pynes, 2013, p.…
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