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Training keys areas Wendy Hughes HRM/326 February 25, 2013 Mary Lambert Training keys areas Success is no longer measures by an organization profit margin. Today big businesses have to account for its success on various levels of group in its organizational achievements, community success, and personal growth in management and employees. Business that implement it resources on diversity, employee growth, and legal requirements not only eliminate unnecessary lawsuits but ensured that the organization is revered as the employer of choice. Diversity training The development of exceptional diversity training class organizations extends their reach far beyond race, culture, gender, and workplace ethics. Successful…show more content…
These men and women participate in continued education courses, career development, and counseling services that lead to promotions and internal career advancement. The continued success of managers and hourly employees advancing to salary position produces a rippled affect as managers’ provide insight to the organizations goals. Mangers begin work more closely with employers to coach, mentor, and provide insight into desired qualities that he or she may possessed but require training to develop them further. The end result is a reduction in stress increased productivity, increase in self-esteem, and a reduction in turnovers. Kraft foods and other large organization upon establishing this kind of employee training have developed life long relationship with employees by implementing recognition programs and service awards for safety as well as years employed. Legal requirements According to Noe, (2008) the different situations that can result in legal action against the organization include: Failure to meet training requirement, employee sustaining an injury during training or an injury outside of a training session. A Breach of confidentiality or defamation against an employee by an employer is also punishable by law and entitles the employee to punitive damages as a result of insult or injury to his or her character. It is also vital that organizations using or recopying copyrighted material within its training

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