Training Managing And Appraising Employee Performance

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Training Managing and Appraising Employee Performance Understanding the difference between Performance Management versus Performance Appraisal, although both terms are used interchangeably, they are in fact different but dependent. In a nutshell, performance management is a continuous process approach to achieve performance goals and objects. Business Dictionary defines performance management is defined as:
An assessment of an employee, process, equipment or other factor to gauge progress toward predetermined goals. Conducting performance appraisals is critical to the success
Business Dictionary defines a performance appraisal as:
The process by which a manager or consultant examines and evaluates an employee 's work behavior by
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Provide the resources to identify and hire the right people to perform the job. As well as provide assistance with identifying and documenting company and departmental goals based off the strategic plan. Lastly, the human resource areas should provide guidance and direction on what the best tool(s) are for measuring the success of the company’s or department’s goals.
A performance assessment or performance appraisal is a tool used to capture performance results and is typically metric based. Typically, these appraisals are presented annually or biannually, although there is no hard and fast rule that states it has to be limited to these time frames.. There are a number of different methods to capturing employee performance. This is another area where your human resource partner can assist with identifying the right tool to use for creating and delivering performance reviews. There are a number of different types of performance appraisal tools available.
One type of assessment tool is Trait method (Snell et al). This method rates or measures an employee’s characteristics or traits, hence the name. Some common characteristics that are reviewed are dependability, leadership, adaptability to change etc. Typically, this type of assessment uses a scale or a range of values to determine where the employee fits and ranks on
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