Training Need Analysis and Evaluation of Training Effectiveness

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PROJECT TITLE: TRAINING NEED ANALYSIS AND EVALUATING TRAINING EFFECTIVENESS AT BHEL, HARIDWAR OBJECTIVES: • To assess how the organizational objectives will be realized through the delivery of a staff training programme that will focus on improved and/or changed skills, knowledge and/or attitudes of those directly involved or affected by the ‘change’ • To understand the process and importance of measuring training effectiveness in the organization • To measure the expressed needs of training effectiveness at work place from the individual • To find out the obstacles in the proper utilization and increase the effectiveness of Training programs and try to suggest remedial measures wherever possible. SCOPE OF STUDY : • Study of the…show more content…
The effective combination of all these factors results to way for success. Training is defined as learning that is provided in order to improve performance on the present job. A person's performance is improved by showing her how to master a new or established technology. The technology may be a piece of heavy machinery, a computer, a procedure for creating a product, or a method of providing a service. Oliver Sheldon says ‘No industry can rendered efficient so long as the fact remains unrecognized that the in principally human – not a mass of machines and technical process but a body of men. If manpower is properly utilized it causes the industry to run at its maximum optimization getting results and also work for as an climax for industrial and group satisfaction in the relation to the work formed. Competitive advantage is therefore depend on the knowledge and skill possessed by employee more than the finance or market structure by organization. The employee training not only serves the purpose to develop their employers but also safe guard organizational objectives of survival and success through competitive advantages. The training function now popularly called as Human Resource In recent years, the scope of Training and Development has broadened from simply providing training programs to facilitating learning throughout the organization in a
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