Training Need Assessment

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Training and Development: Needs, Identification and Action Companies opting to distinguish themselves in the market through customer service require a workforce capable of providing a notable positive difference in customer experience versus that which a competitor can provide. Providing such an experience as a means to communicate and support your corporate brand requires several key factors be in place. It is no secret that success in business relies upon excellence in execution. While corporate leaders have historically looked to other functions, such as product development, marketing, and sales, to drive corporate success, today more and more eyes are looking to HR for help. In every industry, employees serve as the primary…show more content…
Training as a process means a Training cycle which has Training followed by learning and then evaluation and then vice versa. Looking at this we can say that training is a process through which trainer teaches and the trainees learns. Learning through training when is applied by the trainees’ in their job it is called as Transfer. Here, unless an individual learns during training, the question of transfer to actual job setting is meaningless. The third step in this process is the Evaluation of training program. A good training evaluation can serve as a diagnostic technique to permit the revision of programs to meet the large number of goals and objectives. As mentioned in the graphical form, identification of training need is the first step in the process of training, and then selection of training program is done as per the requirement of the job. The next step after this is preparing the program as well as the trainee for the actual action of conducting the program. After this comes the toughest job of a trainer, that is conducting the training for the employees and then testing its validity. Testing of validity can be seen as the process of evaluation of the training program. Finally if the training program proves out to be useful than both the trainer and trainee are rewarded in the form of praise and better performance respectively. To understand all this better lets have a brief look at all the steps. Need for
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