Training Objectives And Smart Goals

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Training Objectives and SMART Goals: Metro PC Name Date School Class Company information Metro PCs Communications, Inc. (PCS) is the fifth largest wireless broadband mobile communications provider in the United States. The company has 9.3 million customers as of the 2011 (10 K Report). Metro offers wireless broadband mobile services in the form of long-term and short term contracts as well as paid-in-advance billing. Metro was incorporated in 2004 and is based in Richardson, Texas. Since that time, the company has expanded services throughout the United States but mainly on the east and west coasts (10 K Report). In 2013 Metro merged with T-Mobile in a friendly buy-out (10 K Report). Currently, Metro will continue to operate as an independent company but will gain advantages and disadvantages from the merger. Training Needs The largest obstacle to the change process and therefore Metro’s merger is resistance (Dent & Goldberg, 1999). Depending how long the current attitudes have prevailed will determine the strength of resistance. Resistance to change can be a strong deterrent to change. Employee resistance is often viewed as a negative behavior but this is a misconception as resistance is often a behavior wrought out of protecting the organization or the status quo (Dent & Goldberg, 1999). By using individual resistance to find flaws in ideas, change can be promoted and resistance can be turned into creative thought. It is highly likely that Metro will
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