Training Package

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Name: Ajiboye Olusegun Olalekan
Code: MMP 701

DHS Employee Training Plan

State Of Employee Training in DHS
Adoption and implementation of the Training Plan will assure the alignment of training resources with DHS program needs and administrative priorities.
Enterprise-wide training needs will be identified on an on-going basis and resources allocated to those with the highest priority. Divisions will continue to have responsibility to identify and address program-specific training needs and will retain their training budgets.

DHS will have a shared training delivery system that includes a learning management system, distance-learning resources, other delivery methodologies, standards for
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• DHS Training & Development is responsible for hiring a Project Manager to lead the various Learning Teams, provide project management, contract administration, as necessary to develop Management Development curriculum. The following represents the Management Training recommendations from the
DHS Training Plan Steering Committee:
1. Use Workforce Management Steering Committee (WFMSC) decisions for:
• Training content/topic areas
• An over-arching value for DHS
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