Training Performance Management Is A Non Profit Government Organization Essay

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VA (Veterans Affairs) Medical Care Facility, is a non-profit government organization that focuses upon the needs within the community and respect to the veterans in which it serves. VAMCF, takes pride in promoting respect and privacy in an efficient work environment, while providing resources through proper department channels to each patient seeking assistance. The organization is a multi-level management lead by a board of directors: Due to the upcoming retirement of VAMCF Assistant President, it is deemed necessary to begin the interview process of possible candidates as a replacement. Steps include: • Job Analysis • Recruitment • Selection • Training •Performance Management • Pay/Incentives/Benefits (Noe, R. A., Hollenbeck, J. R., Gerhart, B., & Wright, P. M. 2014. Pg. 87-90). Basic requirements for potential candidates must have 5+ years of experience within a government facility, minimum of Master’s degree in Medical Management/Administration or similar. Candidates will be required to travel out of state multiple weekends a month. Individual must maintain a confidential level of security clearance, including no criminal history. Additional requirements include but are not limited to, personnel skills, ability to work under high amounts of stress, bi-lingual, computer intellect, advertising experience, potential staff recruitment. Candidate Evaluation: The first step for hiring process is to evaluate the resumes that have been submitted. Second, face to
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