Training Plan

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Team E will discuss all the different types of training tools and modules. In this paper team e will discuss the needs assessments, training methods, and training evaluation strategies. Mr. Stonefield will be able to effectively provide training materials and safe work practices for all employees. Environmental Analysis “Environmental analysis is the evaluation of the possible or probable effects of external forces and conditions on an organization’s survival and growth strategies” (Business Dictionary, 2014). Stonefield should consider all external effects toward the company when training employees. Anything that can happen most likely will happen when it comes to environmental effects. For example, the stock market crashing and…show more content…
In larger companies this task is nearly impossible to achieve, but because this is a small business Stonefield should have no problem observing and analyzing all of his employees. A good way for Stonefield to observe all of his employees is by taking a ride with the drivers that have already gone through the training process. This was he can observe how the employee treats his customers, how the customers are responding to his driving, personality, and the overall experience. Once Stonefield has observed drivers he can then let them know what he noticed. At this time he can give feedback to allow the driver to fully understand what they are doing right and what they still need to work on. This will be a great way for employees to learn new things, and it will be a great way for Stonefield to get to know his employees. Stonefield will also have to observe his employees that are in the training process. This is a great way for Stonefield to see if the training process is working, what is effective in the training as opposed to what is not very effective. Stonefield can ask questions and hear feedback about the training process, as well as get to know each of the employees’ personalities’ to see what they can bring to the business. It is very important for the boss to get to know employees because without feedback and strong relationships in small businesses the company cannot be successful. Training Methods, Media, and Types Training
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