Training Plan

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Training and Mentoring Needs Due to the reorganization of the sales team and the shifting focus of the sales force, it is important that the team be educated with the tools necessary and prepared to take on this challenge. The new sales team, consisting of members from InterClean as well as members from EnviroTech, is going to need training to learn how to tackle the changes that are occurring. The current sales team is made up of three members from EnviroTech, who have excellent customer service skills with some sales experience. They are used to creating relationships with the customer and for the most part, are knowledgeable in customer service skills. They are also used to working in a diverse team environment. Although these…show more content…
The representatives will be able to shadow the customer service employee, on a schedule that is discussed between them, in order to observe good customer service. By having a mentor, the sales representatives will also have a point person to come to for any questions they may have. Sales performance training will be provided to the sales team through a series of lectures and presentations on sales strategies given by the sales manager on an ongoing monthly basis. Conferences or additional classes may be given to those who may need more help. Teamwork training will be provided to the sales team through tolerance classes, team building exercises and events, and weekly meetings. The tolerance class will be a one time event, where team building exercises and events will continue throughout the year. Weekly meetings will be held to discuss strategy and evaluate teamwork skills. Total sales will be discussed and team goals will be set in this meeting, in order to promote teamwork. Evaluation Methods Sales figures from each representative will be measured and compared to their sales goals on a quarterly basis. This makes sure that the sales representative is working toward their goal and trying to work at a level equal to that of the performance standards. Customer satisfaction surveys will be given to customers with every third order. Some sort of incentive (10% off next order) will be given to the customer to encourage the customer to complete the survey. This will
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