Training Plan Proposal: First Aid and Cpr Training

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Bill Owens, DDS strives to provide a safe environment for all its stakeholders, including patients and employees. In order to discover the strengths and weaknesses of first aid and CPR training in our office, a needs assessment was conducted during a period of several months prior to the development of this training program. The needs assessment revealed that the current staff is unfamiliar with the concepts and skills needed to properly assess and administer first aid. A pre-training assessment administered by the American Red Cross revealed that the potential trainees displayed competency in only 1 of the 11 basic skills areas Morale and productivity are suffering as a result of this deficiency. In addition, emergencies,
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However, our flexible budget for the fiscal year 2007 has already been adjusted to provide an allowance in the amount of $4000 to allocate this expense. A recent cost-benefit analysis has made us aware that this expense is minute compared to the benefits which will result from the training. The breakdown of this analysis is displayed on the board in front of you but let me summarize the results for you. The total training costs for the fiscal year 2007 amount to a mere $3833.16 which means that the cost of each trainee is only $319.44. The benefits, which include increased productivity of the staff and doctors, and the avoidance of potential yearly non-compliance fines by OSHA, amount to over $75,000. In addition, quality of care and employee morale will increase. And even though these last two benefits are not measurable in dollars, their presence is indeed priceless for our organization. The expected Return on Investment (ROI) is a whopping 19.6 percent with a total savings of $71,367 per year.
Alternative Methods of Training
Other types of training designed to instill and enhance first aid and CPR skills have been explored. E learning was immediately ruled out since the expense is quite high and no hands on practice exists for the trainees. The other two methods, which were considered, were sending the entire staff to a community CPR class or having a Red Cross instructor, provide our training each year

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