Training Policy : Training And Development

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Training Policy It is Motors and More’s intent that all training that employees receive to ”achieve development of skills, knowledge, and abilities will be related to their job duties and development” (Washington State University). Human resources will implement the necessary training programs that will ensure the focus is primarily on individual and organization development. Training shall provide for the following: 1. Establish a system within Motors and More that will ensure funds are provided for employee training and development. 2. Improve functional area operations within the organization overall. 3. Continuous organization development to increase the knowledge, skills and abilities of employees to meet both present and future needs. 4. To assist in career development to retain and attract individuals that have a high standard of performance. Training Program “Training is the systematic process of altering the behavior of employees in a direction that will achieve organization goals. Training is related to present job skills and abilities. It has a current orientation and helps employees’ master specific skills and abilities needed to be successful “(Ivancevich & Konopaske, 2013, p. 395). Training will be generally planned for: A. New Employees 1. Provide an orientation to discuss Motors and More’s programs, policies, and procedures. 2. Provide information about their job, duties and responsibilities. 3. Discuss individual employee goals. 4. Provide training that
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