Training Program For A Jrotc Instructor

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When working as a JROTC instructor there are many steps in which an instructor must take in order to be a JROTC instructor. There are many certifications that they must go through before even being considered for the job. They must have military experience at a certain rank, they must also pass many requirements that they would normally pass in a military unit. The must show the ability to train others without having to treat students like they are in the military. For some career Soldiers they may be hard to complete. You must have a lot of patience when dealing with high school students. They are not very disciplined and don’t really have a lot of life experiences like a Soldier normally does. I will describe the type of training program of a JROTC instructor must go through and continuously do throughout their time as a JROTC instructor. 1. Job Description: Reserve Officers ' Training Corps instructors provide college and high school students training in the subjects and skills they will need to become commissioned officers in the armed forces. These subjects include leadership, critical thinking and military science. 2. Job Competencies: -Have at least 20 years Active Federal Service -Retired 3 years or less -Meet Army/AJROTC height/weight/body fat standards -High standards of military bearing, appearance and moral character -No military or civilian adverse actions, (i.e. Article 15’s, Letter of Reprimand, DUI’s or other adverse/negative actions) -If still on

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