Training Program For An Organization 's Performance

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Training is one of the mediations of human resource development process for cultivating competence, and for the critical goal of raising the standard of an organization’s performance. Training programs are focused on developing activities, that are appropriate and applicable to guarantee the success of an organization’s needs. Identifying of training needs hold the key to the attainment of any training program. Based on training need assessments, training programs are prepared as a answer to the development requirements. Training is an important part of all businesses, in a case where the value and people potential is to be exploited. Training is a method that involves the achievement of information, improving of skills, theories, or altering of actions and approaches to advance the functioning of employees Fitzgerald (2002). According to McNamara, training is mentioned as an educational event, he added that training comprises of learning and presentation of content as a way of facilitating skill development while improving workplace behaviors. The design of the training program can be commenced once a well-defined training objective has been produced. The training objective clarifies what goal has to be attained by the end of training program. Whether the teaching is to be piloted in a classroom, conveyed using an electronic format or using a blend of techniques, the design development sets the juncture for the development of a program that yields results. These are the
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