Essay Training Programme Promoting Health and Fitness

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Training Programme Promoting Health and Fitness


For this Assessment I have to construct a circuit-training programme for a particle sport. The sport that I have chosen is football. I must include in this piece of work, the fitness exercises that will be used in the circuit and reason for inclusion, the skill activities that will be done during the programme plus the reason for choosing them, and comments on the organisation, implementation, monitoring and progression.

1) Training Programme:

Below is a list of the exercises that I have included in my training programme for my chosen sport, football. I have decided to use this type of training method, because it has many
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The warm up will include a period of gentle exercise that will use the whole of my body, for example light jogging. It will also include gentle stretching of my main muscle groups, which will be the Gastrocnemius, Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Pectorals, Biceps, and Triceps. The warm down will consist of a period of light exercise. This will help to remove carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and other waste products, which if not removed will result in stiffness, and injury.

There are many other factors that I must consider when thinking about the actual circuit-training programme. These are such things as Progression, Overload, and Order of exercises and Reversibility. Factors that I must consider relating to Progression are such things as how many weeks I am planning to carry out the circuit. I have decided that I will carry out the circuit over a period of 6 weeks. I believe that at the start of the circuit, when I am just starting to carry it out the progression will be quite fast, and the most progression will be made in these early stages. I will achieve the next level of progression by increasing the intensity of the circuit, which will create an overload. An overload is when the circuit must be raised to a higher level than is normal to create the extra demands to which the body will adapt. This can be done three different ways, which are to increase the intensity,
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