Training Proposal: Microsoft Office Programs

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Request for proposals to train users in Microsoft Office Programs Background information on the Company Miller Inc. was founded in 1982 it is an engineering company specializing in provision of structural designs to builders and architects. We are the largest privately owned company in the structural engineering field. We have a vast experience in designs and building structures. Our motto is build 1 thing in 1000 ways, and we have always endeavored to do our business following in this motto. Introduction Miller Inc is seeking for a Microsoft Office Training company to come up with a design and implementation program for its employees for the Microsoft Office Suite programs, Access, Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook. 2.1 Project Goals Miller Inc's staff skill level in Microsoft Office is very low and this has been affecting their work and productivity, this training will give them the necessary knowledge and skills of using Microsoft Office programs, each staff member shall be proficient in Access, Word, Excel, Power Point and Outlook on completion of the training. The training is for all user levels i.e. beginners, intermediate and advanced. The trainer will be come up with a proposed training schedule that will encompass all the levels of training and will be subject to approval by Miller Inc, the trainer will at the end of each class give each student a survey that will be used for evaluation and the trainer shall take the class attendance at the start of
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