Training Report on Building Construction

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About us:- Emaar MGF Land Limited, one of India’s leading real estate developers is a joint venture between MGF Developments Limited and Emaar Properties PJSC (“Emaar”) of Dubai. Emaar is one of the world’s foremost real estate companies with operations in 16 countries. MGF has over the last 10 years established itself as one of the key players in retail real estate development in India. The Company commenced operations in India in February 2005. Its primary business is development of properties in residential, commercial, retail and hospitality sectors. In addition, it has also identified healthcare, education and infrastructure as business lines for future growth. Its operations span across various aspects of real estate…show more content…
They also told us to made a separate register to note down all the Daily progress of work we perform on the site and a separate register for the Estimating and Costing work. Work we handle: - As explained earlier we handle the work of villas. In which we supervise the works like Brickwork, Casting of lintels and Columns, Casting of Slab, Plastering work and some of the necessity test on the quality of work. * Brick work: - Brick binds are mainly of two types:- * English bond * Flemish bond As the structures here are composite structure which means structures not only based on columns and Beams it also contains some of Load bearing as well as Non-load bearing walls. The load bearing walls are 230mm (9 inch.) which means 1 thick wall and Non-load bearing wall (pardhi wall) are 115mm (4½ inch.) thick which means half thick wall. The mortar used in load bearing wall having ratio of 1:6 and non-bearing wall 1:4. The bond used in brickwork is English Type of bond in which header and stretcher are placed in alternative layer. In villas,English bond brickwork is done. We have to see the bricks are properly soaked they have good appearance and shape and the gaps are sufficiently filled with mortar, the alignment of wall with the help of Plumb bob. The ratio of mortar used by testing and the prepared
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