Training Schedule of Let's Take a Trip Sales Staff

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Let's Take a Trip sales staff (fictional) training schedule There is a changing trend in the tourism industry across the USA hence there is need to change with the trends. It is indicated that the tourism industry attracted 70 million global travelers over 2011 hence creating 7.5 million jobs while supporting 1.2 million jobs in the USA currently (Gavin Landry, 2012). There is need therefore for every organization connected to the tourism sector to make the appropriate adjustments to tap maximum benefits from this expanding industry.

The name of the organization under consideration is Let's Take a Trip (LTaT). This is a tours and travel company that deals with wild safaris both locally and liaison for the same overseas. The company has its headquarters in Texas and various offices across the USA and sub-offices in Africa. Having been established in 1999, the organization has gone a long way to create possibilities of many Americans touring locally as well as globally with special interests in Africa savannah lands. The organization has a total of 500 employees with majority of these being the sales staff and the public relations staff. They play a pivotal part in the daily running of the organization, the expansion of operations and positive portrayal of the image of the organization. The training will target the sales team in particular. This is a routine training that the organization conducts to ensure the company stays in line with the latest tours and travel

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